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What is Switch Mag?

Switch Mag (www.theswitchmag.com) is the place to go to find out whose parks are popping off in your area. We sort our content based on location, so it’s easy to see what’s going on at a mountain near you or help you decide where your next trip should be.

Do you only post park edits?

Mostly. Occasionally we’ll post a powder edit if it really stokes us out, but we focus on what is currently happening at the mountains, and we know that a good powder day doesn’t last as long as a new park build. By the time you finish watching an edit from a mountain, we want you to know exactly what you can expect if you were to hop in the car and start driving there right now.

So you’re only posting shitty amateur videos?

We sort through all the shitty content so you don’t have to! If you want to see what Killington has setup this weekend and you YouTube “Killington,” you’re going to be watching a ton of helmet-mounted GoPro footage. I promise you, we will not be posting that. We also post edits with professionals occasionally, as long as it’s at an accessible location and not a setup built for a private photoshoot or training session.

Are you just anti-pro edits?

We watch just as many Real Snow edits as the next guy, and you can be damn sure we’re going to watch any edit with a Helgason in it, but there are plenty of places to go to watch those edits. There’s obviously a different type of stoke between watching someone do back-to-back triple cork 1440’s and watching someone front board 270 out that double kink that you see every weekend, but you haven’t sacked up and hit yet. We’re here to give credit to the people who are keeping snowboarding alive – the park crews at mountains who actually give a damn about parks, the riders who are going out there and throwing themselves around for no other reason than the love of the sport, and the videographers who give us the means to see this passion.